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After 25 years as a software engineer, I’ve started doing something I went into engineering intentionally to avoid—writing. As a former English teacher, Mom would have been proud. (Of course, Mom was always proud of me…that’s Mom for you.)

Anyway, pandemics have a way of shifting your perspective. Life’s weird that way. That’s how this journey started. That’s how I hope it continues. (The disrupting our loops part…not the disease part.)

If you’re looking to read something that gives your brain a workout, you’re in the right place. Lazy readers don’t get much out of the stuff I write. The greatest value comes from the thinking you create when reading. I’m just the catalyst.

I moved over to Substack in 2022 in an attempt to create a community with my readers. Hearing how each piece of writing impacts you is the fuel that I take in for the next piece. I’m not looking to be a “fire-and-forget” writer.

Let’s go on a journey together.

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